2016 Registration is Now Open

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 33rd Annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium and the 19th Annual Dallas Cosmetic Symposium. The two Symposia, which draws top plastic surgeons from around the world, will take place from March 2nd to March 6th, 2016. Registration can be completed by following this link: https://cme.utsouthwestern.edu/content/rp1603

Over its 33year history, the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium has become a key international event for surgeons from around the world as a unique educational venue for sharing the latest techniques and advancements in rhinoplasty. The Symposium has brought about crucial shifts in the field such as the widespread adoption of the “open approach”, which is now considered the primary method for performing rhinoplasty surgery. The Symposium also inspired the textbook “Dallas Rhinoplasty: Nasal Surgery by the Masters,” now it is 3rd edition edited by Drs. Rohrich, Adams, and Ahmad and is used as the rhinoplasty textbook in plastic surgery educational programs around the world.

The annual meetings cover a wide range of topics from the fundamentals of nasal anatomy to complex surgical procedures and detailed analysis of revision rhinoplasty. Formats include lectures, discussion panels, video review, Q&A sessions, and also feature a unique, anatomy lab which is a key feature of the Symposium.

“The Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium is a hands-on global meeting where participants can see, learn, and perform rhinoplasty alongside leading rhinoplasty experts, some that pioneered modern rhinoplasty techniques,” explains Dr. Rohrich, the Symposium’s Chairman. “The meeting is significant in that many renowned rhinoplasty surgeons gather together and discussion focuses on what works to provide optimal, long term results.”

Over the past three decades, the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium has trained over 5,000 plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists. “The Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium continues to be an important educational venue for surgeons who want to learn and truly master rhinoplasty surgery,” says Dr. Rohrich.

New topics to be covered in this year’s meeting include how to refine the nasal tip without grafts, role of invisible grafts and struts in rhinoplasty, advances in secondary rhinoplasty, considerations in ethnic rhinoplasty, and managing short or narrow noses.

“Rhinoplasty truly epitomizes plastic surgery as a whole because it is a surgery of such great finesse and takes years to master,” says Dr. Rohrich. “It is one of the most difficult procedures in all of plastic surgery, but also one of the most rewarding.”